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Have a worry-free summer holiday with total peace of mind

Conil Home wants to let you know that, during these times of uncertainty and this health crisis, we are thinking about you, your holiday and your stay with us more than ever. That’s why we are going to adapt to your needs as much as possible:

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After a long confinement, it’s time to get our lives back. In Conil, where we luckily haven’t been hit as hard as in other areas, we are working tirelessly towards starting this new period of coexistence with COVID-19, in which we are certain to value things differently, but we will definitely relish. Because, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that we have to enjoy life every day.

Taking into consideration the recommendations of The World Health Organisation, The Spanish Ministry of Health and The Spanish Tourist Quality Institute, we have changed our procedures for your safety and a manual has been created with a series of practical measures to help care for our safety and that of the people who visit us without, of course, losing sight of established quality standards.

Below is a summary of some of the measures:

In general:

  • We comply with minimum social distancing.
  • We take the utmost care with cleaning and disinfection.
  • We educate ourselves about COVID-19 so that we can go about our business guaranteeing our own safety and yours too.
  • We have purchased personal protection equipment (PPE) and we take the entire team’s temperature every day.
  • We have put up signage containing basic information on prevention and rules on how to safely use our facilities.
  • We have placed disinfectant hand-sanitising gel around the place.
  • We have removed all non-essential decorative items.
  • We have drawn up a safety protocol to follow in the event of any sign of contagion.

Measures at reception:

  • We will check you in online and we will send you an email a few days before your arrival with all the relevant information and instructions for accessing what will be your home in Conil.
  • We disinfect all items that are touched.
  • We provide 24-hour contact channels: WhatsApp and email.

Specific measures for cleaning services:

  • We are cleaning and disinfecting common areas more frequently, whereas we are limiting the number of times cleaning staff enter apartments, programming the frequency of cleaning (depending on the length of your stay).
  • We have placed disinfectant mats at the entrances to the establishment.
  • Our (external) launderette guarantees and certifies that clothing and bedding are cleaned with disinfectant at temperatures above 60°C (we can show the certificate to anyone who would like to see it).
  • We use a single set of clean, disinfected cloths for each customer.
  • We use double bagging in rubbish bins.

Now more than ever, your safety is our priority.

Call us on +34 621 21 21 67 or write to us at if you have any concerns. We are always delighted to answer your questions.

Thank you for your trust and understanding!

The Conil Home team

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