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Conil Home emerges as a project familiar, with the clear objective that whoever stays here feels at home. Conil Home is our dream come true. Discover how the project was born and who makes up our team.

Traveling has always been our passion. When we travel, we enrich ourselves, we learn, and the feeling of belonging to a place emerges. When we return, we feel happier, inspired and motivated.

This fact is what has led us to be where we are now. We have built a place in Conil, so that when you come, you can experience everything that we, as travelers, would like to find on our trips.

This is how Conil Home was born: conversations between father and daughter

Conversations between sunflowers

In Conil, back in 2013-2014 – when Conil Home was nothing more than a utopia:

Dad: My daughter, when are you going to come to Conil once and for all? I don’t understand why you work in a hotel outside and not one here…
Miriam: there’s less dad left. In Conil I have already worked several seasons and you already know that the best way to learn and gain experience is to work outside your homeland. That way, when it’s time to go back, I’ll have more opportunities and everything will be a little easier, right?
Dad: Let’s see if it’s true…

In Conil, year 2018 – when the stars aligned and Conil Home began to be born:

Dad: But my daughter, Conil Whateeee? And why have you “picked up” a word that I myself don’t even know how to pronounce?
Miriam: Dad, you do know how to pronounce it, you just have to do what every good Andalusian does: pronounce the “hache in an aspirated way” and eat it the last syllable or letter of the word…
Dad: Ahh! So it would be something like “Conil Jom”… and what does that mean exactly?
Miriam: Good! Well, something like “Casa en Conil”, but with the connotation of home, of feeling like family.
Dad: Okay! So yes, I like it! But what I want is for the people who come to leave happy, wanting to return and to have a swimming pool on the rooftops…
Conil Home is a family project that has just been born and has a long way to go. We want you to accompany us and that our father’s words are always present for everything they represent. And, although we don’t have the pool on the roof yet, we promise to do everything possible so that you don’t have to miss it and who knows, one day we can make dad’s dream come true.

The essence of Conil Home

We are very clear that there is no family project without essential values ​​that support it and serve as a reference on a daily basis:

In Conil Home there is a special bond with our town, with our roots and we can say it loudly We are fans of what is local, what is native, what is made here and you will notice that. We want the experience of staying with us to be authentic, which is why we opt for 100% products from Conil and its surroundings whenever possible and we collaborate closely with local companies, being very aware of the impact that our activity has on our town. and its province.

And there is also a connection with what comes from afar, we love to welcome you to our home to travelers of other nationalities, and we love being co-protagonists of an enriching cultural exchange. We love the diversity of peoples since it opens our minds, feeds our spirit and queens our curiosity.

Who makes up Conil Home?

We want you to give us a face as those of us who will be most in contact with you:

Miriam: Curious, proactive, hostess at heart, and mother . Thanks to it you will feel heard and receive personalized service.

Nina: The super-grandmother. Tireless worker in body, mind and soul. Essential in Miriam’s life. Thanks to it we can boast patios with plants and flowers.

Silvia: Detail-oriented, perfectionist, demanding and mother. Thanks to it you will start the day as you deserve.

Inma: Fast, efficient, effective and mother. Thanks to it, everything will be in perfect condition for your enjoyment.

Our mission is to make you feel at home

We already know that it can be repetitive, but when we say that our mission is to make you feel at home home, we say it with our soul and it is true.

We love what we do, that is our great luck and at the same time our driving force.

Your feedback enriches us. Nothing matters more to us than that you share with us your sensations, your feelings and your opinion. We embrace the suggestion because we feel that you have had the confidence to tell it and we actively listen to the complaints because you give us the opportunity to be better.

So, we try to be transparent and show ourselves as we from Cádiz are, hospitable, happy , with good character and knowing how to enjoy the little things, we invite you to come and meet us, to stay at Conil Home and to witness everything we have told you so far.

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