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Legal notice

When you use this website, the applications and/or arrange services through La Jábega Conil, Conil Home Suite or Conil Home (HOSTELMANSUR S.L.), your personal data will be collected and processed. The processing will be governed by this privacy policy (Privacy Policy).

A. Data Controller

La Jábega Conil, Conil Home Suite and Conil Home are trade names registered by the trading company HOSTELMANSUR S.L. All contractual relationships, services provided, communications or similar interactions between any of these brands and you are always with that legal entity.

Personal data provided by you as part of our contractual relationship will be processed by HOSTELMANSUR S.L., a Spanish trading company with a registered address at Plaza Huerta de Enmedio no. 24, 11140 Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz (‘the Establishment’), whose business purpose is described below. Unless expressly stated otherwise during collection of the same, all personal data collected is required for the proper management, maintenance and monitoring of our contractual relationship. If you do not provide it, we will be unable to process your request or provide the service you require. Personal data will only be collected for the purposes stated in this privacy policy. You confirm and guarantee that the data provided is accurate and up to date. In this regard, you undertake to notify us of any change to the same, following the procedure set out in Section E: Rights of the Data Subject.

B. Purposes of the Processing

You are hereby informed that your data will be processed by the establishment for the following purposes:

1. On the grounds of a contractual relationship:

1.1. To manage a booking that you make via the channels set up for this purpose and to process your request to be registered as a guest at the establishment and to manage the subsequent commercial relationship with you, including:

1.2. Effectively managing, maintaining and monitoring the relationship derived from hiring products or services from the establishment.

1.3. Collecting amounts due when a booking is cancelled past any free cancellation deadline that may have been set.

1.4. Managing guests’ stays, and providing the services requested by them during the same, including getting their accommodation ready and dealing with any requests relating to it. For these purposes, we may request data such as children’s ages, in order to arrange a cot in the room, if necessary, or guests’ health data that may be required in order to manage their stay appropriately and create suitable menus for them. This purpose also includes billing and collection for services used.

2. On the grounds of a legal obligation:

2.1. To provide information to public authorities, regulators or government bodies in any circumstances as required by law or local regulations or in order to comply with regulatory obligations.

3. On the grounds of the establishment’s legitimate interest:

3.1. To run marketing and/or advertising campaigns, via any means, including electronic or equivalent means, in relation to products or services similar to those arranged through the establishment.

3.2. To create profiles based on the personal data that the establishment controls, in order to see which products and services best adapt to you and make the  most of them by offering you the best offers in products and services that may be of interest to you.

3.3. To run satisfaction surveys relating to the products and/or services you arrange, in order to assess how happy you are with them and help the establishment improve processes and services.

3.4. To manage, process and respond to any complaints or claims that you might make.

4. On the grounds of explicit consent:

4.1. If you authorise the establishment, it may offer you own products and services other than the ones you have arranged via any means, including electronic means, and third-party products that may interest you, even after this contractual relationship ends.

4.2. If you authorise the establishment, it may create a profile of your consumer habits using internal and external information, e.g. from publicly available sources (including census data, lists of people belonging to professional groups or open social media networks),in order to provide you with special offers on products or services adapted to your needs, and to provide your data to third parties who are HOSTELMANSUR’s advertising partners, although unrelated in any other sense, i.e. companies that allow HOSTELMANSUR to advertise HOSTELMANSUR products and services, adapted to your preferences when you visit other websites or use different existing social media, even after this contractual relationship ends.

C. Recipients

Under the terms set out in Section B (Purposes of the processing), the establishment may disclose your personal data to the following entities:

1. Public authorities, regulators or government or jurisdictional bodies in any circumstances as required by law or local regulations or in order to comply with regulatory obligations.

2. Advertising third parties (such as social media or Internet search engines) for the purposes described under Heading 4.2 in Point 4: Consent in Section B: Purposes of the Processing.

Besides the above data communication, the establishment collaborates with some third-party service providers (accommodation booking engines, booking management systems, online travel agencies and aggregators…) that may be given access to your personal data for processing on behalf of the establishment as part of the provision of their services. The establishment follows strict criteria when selecting service providers in order to comply with its obligations in the area of data protection and signs a data processing contract with them that will bind them to the following obligations: to apply the appropriate technical and organisational measures; to process personal data for the agreed purposes and adhering to the documented instructions provided by the establishment; and to erase or return the data to the establishment once the services have been provided. Specifically, the establishment will hire the services of third-party providers whose business activity includes but is not limited to the following sectors: logistics, legal advice, provider authorisation, professional service companies, IT maintenance companies, technology service companies, IT service companies, security companies and IM service providers.

D. Data source

Besides any personal data provided by you, the establishment may process personal data collected from shared files, sector files and/or public bodies in accordance with the purposes and legitimate grounds described in Section B: Purposes of the Processing. In this regard, the establishment will process the following categories of personal data provided by the aforementioned third parties:

i. Identifying data.

ii. Emails and/or postal addresses.

No special-category data (data that requires heightened protection) is obtained from third parties.

E. Rights of the Data Subject

You may revoke any consent you have provided under the circumstances set out herein, at any time, by simply notifying us. Pursuant to current legislation, you are entitled to exercise your rights to access, rectification, erasure or portability of your data or to object to it being processed or to restrict processing of the same, by writing to HOSTELMANSUR SL, Plaza Huerta de Enmedio 24, 11140 Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz or by sending an email to, enclosing or attaching a copy of your national ID as proof of identity.

If you consider that HOSTELMANSUR SL has infringed any of your above rights, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

F. Data Storage

Your personal data will be stored for as long as the contractual relationship between you and the establishment remains in place. Once it ends, your personal data will be erased as soon as all the actions necessary for processing and fulfilling any obligation that may remain between the parties have been completed, with any necessary administrative actions being performed during this time, except where marketing communications may be sent. Without prejudice to the above, your data will be stored in duly blocked format until the prescriptive period expires on any liability that may be derived from the performance of our contractual relationship and in order to fulfil any other legal obligations of the establishment. In this respect, the establishment guarantees that it will not process the data unless it is required for bringing, lodging or defending against claims or when it is required by the public administration, judges or courts while your rights and legal obligations are still in force.

G. Cookies Policy

Cookies are files or devices that are downloaded onto your equipment when you access certain websites. They are used for different purposes, which include allowing information or data regarding your browsing habits and how you use your equipment to be stored and retrieved by the entities responsible for installing them. Depending on the information they contain and the way in which you use your equipment, cookies can identify a user. However, they do not contain specific personal information and most of them are deleted from the hard drive when the browser session ends. This type of cookie is called a session cookie.

On the other hand, persistent cookies are ones that are stored on the hard drive of our system and are read every time we return to a website. The party responsible for the cookie can access this data for a certain period of time set by them and the cookie is deleted at the end of that time.

1. Types of cookies used on this website

1.1. Technical cookies. They are necessary for the proper functioning of our website and so that you can browse it and use the different services offered on it. They allow things such as monitoring traffic and data communication, accessing areas with restricted access, logging in, making a booking, remembering dates or services included in a booking, the use of security components during browsing, storing content for the dissemination of sound or video or sharing of content via social media.

1.2. Analysis cookies. Whether processed by us or by third parties, they let us quantify user numbers and we can use them to measure and obtain statistics on how services are used by monitoring and analysing user behaviour on our website in order to improve our services and product offering.

1.3. Advertising cookies. Whether processed by us or by third parties, they let us manage the advertising space on our website as efficiently as possible, adapting the ad content to the services the user has requested or how they have used our website.

1.4. Profiling cookies. They allow the advertising space on a website, in an app or on a platform to be managed as efficiently as possible. These cookies store information about a user’s behaviour obtained through continuous monitoring of their browsing habits, so that they can build a specific profile and show them ads depending on that profile.

1.5. Personalisation cookies. They allow a user to access a service with some general characteristics predefined depending on a series of criteria relating to the user’s terminal, e.g. language, browser used, etc.

Our website may use third-party cookies to collect information, for statistical purposes, on how you use the website and to provide other services in relation to the website and other Internet services. Cookies are used on this website by HOSTELMANSUR SL and, occasionally, by third parties such as Google or Facebook

The user expressly agrees to the collected information being processed as, and for the purposes, set out above by simply using this website. They are likewise aware that they can change their browser settings to reject this data processing and use of cookies, which may mean that they have limited access to or cannot properly use all of the website’s functionalities. In other words, if a user decides to delete or block the cookies used by our website, they understand and accept that certain services or website functionalities may not work.

You can see details of the cookies being used and decide whether to accept them or not via the ‘Manage Cookies’ function.

On a more global level and regardless of our specific website, you can manage the use of cookies on your browser. The below links will give you information on cookies installed and you can allow or block use of them or delete any already installed. Click on the browser you use:

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If you have any questions regarding this cookies policy, please contact

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