The 5 best beaches in Conil de la Frontera

One of the main charms of Conil are its beaches. Do you want to know which are the best beaches in Conil? Take note!

With 300 days of sunshine per year, miles of soft sand and sunsets straight out of a film, is there any doubt that Conil has the best beaches on the Atlantic Ocean? It’s no surprise that it’s a highly popular destination for travellers of all kinds, from families to couples, from sports enthusiasts to people who just want to get away from it all and relax. 

Conil de la Frontera has stunning beaches that are perfect for all tastes. From hidden coves that can be accessed when the tide goes out, to long seashores where you can stroll and forget everything except the sound of the waves. The peace and relaxation, the warm sun on your skin and the soft sea breeze in your hair combine for an unforgettable experience. 

But that’s enough about all the sensations, let’s get to the main point: what are the best beaches in Conil like? Here’s a brief description so you can pick from a range of options.

For starters, Conil is lucky  to have both beaches and coves. The difference between these boils down to their shape and size. While beaches are longer and more linear, coves tend to be smaller, curved and have calmer waters.

That said, here are some of the best beaches and coves in Conil de la Frontera: 

Playa salvaje  de Castilnovo

Castilnovo Beach

– With no more and no less than three kilometres of sand and right next to the town, Castilnovo Beach will steal your heart away. Its gorgeous natural beauty is what you notice first: a flat area of white sand that you will love, flanked by dunes and the faithful Castilnovo Watchtower. This beach is the perfect choice for disconnecting with no shortage of space.

Los Bateles Beach

Los Bateles Beach is next on the list. It’s an urban beach that is perfect for those looking to have everything they need close at hand. It has all the services and facilities you could possibly want: lifeguards, showers, information points, access for people with reduced mobility, beach bars… The list goes on and on! A thousand metres of sand parallel to the promenade but wide and spacious enough for you to be close to the centre without feeling like you’re sitting in the middle of it.

Beach of Fontanilla

If you are one of those who enjoy walking along the seashore, you can get to this beach directly from Los Bateles beach passing through Chorillo and you will know that you are here when on the right you see the restaurant named: La Fontanilla. It is also an urban beach, but it is very close to the area of the chain hotels in Conil. It is a very comfortable beach for families with children, as you can easily find a park place, to stop with the car to leave all your beach bags and to sit down to clean the sand from your feet … It also has all the services you can require and you can see among the years the blue fag waving at its main access.

Fuente del Gallo

Next on our list of the top five beaches is Fuente del Gallo. It has some of the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever see and the reddish hue of the cliffs behind it is fabulous. What more could you ask for from this beach stretching over 1.2 km just a short walk from the centre of Conil? As a semi-natural beach, it also has lots of services, including lifeguards, access for everyone, showers and a beach bar.
Camino a la playa de Conil

Calas de Roche

We’re nearing the end of our list of best beaches now. Or, in this case, should we say ‘best coves’? We’re talking about Calas de Roche. A mystery to anyone new to Conil, mainly because you aren’t expecting an actual beach. Six successive coves combine to form 1.8 km of beach, divided into small sand banks that join into one when the tide goes out. These havens are sheltered by a cliff with trails carved into the red earth that are perfect for hiking along! As far as accessibility goes, this beach is unfortunately not apt for everyone. It can be reached via stone steps that are quite steep and only go down into three of the coves. You can only get around to the other ones at low tide. That’s part and parcel of the beach’s wild and wonderful nature.

Cala del Aceite

Lastly, the go-to cove for some sunbathing when the warm Saharan winds are blowing. We are, of course, talking about Cala del Aceite. It’s some way from the town, meaning it’s best to go there by car or bike. You get to it through a pine forest that contrasts fabulously with the blue sea and the red cliffs. Can you envisage it? Well, it’s even more beautiful in real life. As it is a cove, it is only about 250 metres wide, but it has showers, lifeguards and even somewhere to have some food or a drink. It’s a natural cove with calm, transparent water that definitely deserves a place in our ranking of the best beaches in Conil de la Frontera.

And after reading this text, on which Conil beach above you can  imagine being on right now? All of them are waiting for you, so don’t think twice, come and experience them.

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