The dedication put into designing and building our Conil Home Suite apartments has transcended borders. Although we knew we had made a fantastic team effort and that the result of our work had exceeded our expectations, we would never have guessed the impact that opening Conil Home Suite would have, on a national and international scale, with the media specialising in design and architecture or among experts in the sector. So, here’s a little summary of our awards and mentions.

From Conil to the rest of the world

  • Metalocus. an online design, architecture, art, and science magazine published in English and Spanish, with thousands of followers on its various social media accounts.
  • Archello, a platform for architects and manufacturers, telling the stories behind fabulous constructions and their interiors.
  • Archilovers, a space for publishing projects and creating a professional network of designers and architects.
  • Guiding Architects, an international association based in Zürich that offers architect-guided tours of the world’s cities, highlighting their key sites.
  • Floornature, an Italian publication that has existed for more than 20 years and is considered an international point of reference.
  • Mooool, news of the opening of our establishment has even reached China, with an extensive article about our building being published on Mooool.
  • Arkitera, digital and printed media outlet from Turkey that specialises in environments, architecture, building material, urban planning and design, and covers news within the sector.
  • DHD: the magazine by Design Diffusion World, a prominent Italian publication among magazines on industrial design, interior design and architecture. In issue no. 65, it dedicated eight pages to us. The magazine is published in several countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and more.

Acknowledgements in the form of awards

And if the international impact our establishment has had weren’t enough in itself, the awards we have either won or been finalists for are the cherry on top for this venture.   These include the Sánchez Esteve y Torres Clavé Award from the Cadiz School of Architects, which, in its eighth year, went to Conil Home Suite “taking into consideration the building’s integration into its location—on Calle San José at the corner of Calle Ramón y Cajal—and its connection with adjacent houses and the rest of the neighbourhood where the apartments are located, enriching the urban setting”. This is a distinction that we are overwhelmingly grateful for as it shows we are valued in our local area and highlights qualities we have wanted to emphasise since we first came up with the concept for our project. The acknowledgement of the work done by KAUH Arquitectura y Paisajismo or, in other words, by Vincent Morales Garoffolo and Juan Antonio Sánchez Muñoz, and everyone who has helped make this possible, fills us with pride and joy.  
View of the sky from the entrance of Conil Home Suite
In addition, we have also been finalists for two highly respected awards:
  • XIX ASCER Ceramics Awards
  • Building of The Year 2020
In short, Conil Home Suite isn’t just a tourist apartment establishment, it’s a designer house conceived and built to allow its inhabitants to feel and experience the old Conil without skimping on the power of the avant-garde and the ability to combine past and present in a building full of light and life. That is the Conil Home Suite.
Conil Home Suite terrace with outstanding curve

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